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Official representative KIMBO in Moldova
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Training center Kimbo- company official distributor in Moldova Kimbo coffee-professional workshop    

where a team of well formed and develops cunuscători coffee coffee professionals and field service.

Education, study and know-how plays an important role in the quality of the coffee.

No matter who prepared cafeaua- barista that makes everything the guest to remain satisfied,

or simply a coffee lover who wants to get maximum pleasure from the taste of coffee prepared in home conditions ...

At the moment our training center presents:

* The most advanced coffee machines                    

* Workers coffee professionals

* The ability to see and test the product

* Ability to organize such training site Kimbo Bar-Showroom so at your location


Sending general knowledge about coffee and coffee culture is an essential part of our company.

As product quality, but poorly prepared -oaspetele premises, the customer remains dissatisfied with the quality office coffee received.

DEAC is very important that we prepare coffee correctly, for this and organize trainings. All our customers are able

discover the world of coffee with Kimbo specialists.