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Who we are and what we do?

We are the official distributor of KIMBO coffee in Moldova. Coffee Kimbo is the "pearl" of sunny Naples, an Italian city in which the ancient coffee traditions are incredibly strong and the culture of drinking coffee is well developed. This product retains its leading position in the world market for the last 50 years.The brand of coffee Kimbo today is a synonym for success and excellent quality. Many Italian gourmets prefer this brand to other brands of coffee. Kimbo occupies a leading position in the coffee market of Italy, France, Canada, as well as other more than 60 countries. The love of many fans of natural coffee for Kimbo brand speaks about the special qualities of the product that distinguish this coffee from other products in the world market.

Why "KIMBO" ?

First, advanced production methods allow to obtain high-quality beans, and the so-called convection roasting ensures the stability of the taste of coffee. Secondly, all products from this manufacturer are marked with a "U" sign, confirming the kosher coffee. Those gourmets who take care of their health and prefer organic products will certainly choose Kimbo coffee. Thirdly, by purchasing the next package of coffee, the buyer can be completely sure of its high quality, which makes it possible to classify this coffee as a premium. Fourthly, the manufacturer offers a large selection of elite blends of Kimbo coffee with a pronounced gradation and bright features, so each consumer will pick up the best coffee from the very heart of Southern Italy - the city of Naples.

The Kimbo Moldova history...

Kimbo Moldova has been successfully developing its activities in the coffee market of the country for four years already. For years of productive work, Kimbo has successfully developed in HORECA, working with dozens of cafes, hotels, restaurants of the country. Also, coffee can be enjoyed in Kimbo Bar-Showroom-where all varieties of coffee are presented, here you can buy coffee home, as a gift, or in the office. The Kimbo Bar-Showroom also features a large selection of teas, coffee and tea utensils, coffee machines and accessories. As it was once said: there are things in the world that one should be faithful to. Coffee Kimbo is one of them. After trying Italian coffee Kimbo at least once, you can hardly deny yourself the pleasure of cooking it again. Experiment with different kinds of Kimbo coffee, and sooner or later you will definitely find your grade!

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